Week 25

After close to five weeks of harvest we are starting to see a trend that needs to be addressed now rather than later – the initial three weeks of the season saw a consistent spread of fruit size with an average size of 23.

In the last two weeks with a wider spread of orchards now harvesting, we have noted a significant volume of size 32 fruit being harvested. This volume is not just within our packing but across the industry from discussions to date. Initially values held but with the incoming volume now exceeding demand we are facing a significant value reduction to generate activity to clear this volume.

We will make contact to discuss with growers currently in our harvest plan – we will update values Wednesday afternoon once we have a full picture on what pricing for next week will look like.

We may because of this excessive volume have to limit packing of sizes 36 and 42 – that is yet to be confirmed.

Best regards

Glen and team