Zeafruits objective is to deliver fresh produce to its customers having: 

1. Packed to the quality standards defined in conjunction with its Customers. 

2. Conformed to New Zealand Food Safety Standards, Food Safety Act 2014 and NZ Gap requirements. 

3. Maintained strict cool-chain disciplines. 

The company will be a responsible and trustful marketer of fresh produce by ensuring that its products, processes, and systems are compliant with all regulatory standards that guarantees Customer and Consumer food safety. 

Quality and Food Safety is a target and a responsibility shared by all participants in our fresh produce supply chain – including growers, packhouses, ripening/distribution facilities and transport companies. 

In order to assure that the above-mentioned principles are fulfilled, our Quality and Food Safety Policy is incorporated throughout our process-chain and defined in our Operating Manuals. 

Food Safety and Quality is a target and a task shared by all members of our organisation and achieved by promoting people’s talent and performance excellence. Through this strategy Zeafruit will become a forerunner company in Quality and Food Safety innovation, as well as ethical and responsible attitudes at all organisational levels. 

Zeafruit will, encourage our growers to maintain the most sustainable practices of land-use and environmental best practice for the benefit of generations to come. 

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