We are not observing the late season price increases as expected at this time. The industry however continues to be in a good position. Values are stable and demand is good with fruit flow into retail consistent. With more market access points opening early next week as we enter Level-3, it is expected that demand will increase.

Pricing has lifted and we are noting values in line with pre lock down levels with further increases likely across the coming ten days. Large fruit sizes are in high demand and are notably short in volume


Current week CSD

Next week CSD

















We are expecting to see packing continue over the next two weeks before demand starts to outstrip supply. Autumn-set Hass and Reeds will then start to emerge as popular choices. We expect Autumn-set Hass to hold similar values to main season Hass with Reed prices likely to be some $4.00 to $5.00 per tray lower.

New season maturity testing has started. It appears that the summer dry spell has impacted dry-matter which would seem to be higher than normal based on initial results. We are testing using our new Felix field units combined with standard dehydrator testing to enable us to establish when the new season harvest is likely to commence. It appears likely that there will be little gap between seasons. This is good news in respect to maintaining shelf-space and consumer engagement

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