Week 1

This report is not one that we would prefer to dispatch after what we hope was a relaxing and enjoyable festive period.  Nevertheless, our strategy has always been to keep you fully informed of market conditions and we intend to maintain that stance.

Heavy export packing is producing a significant volume of domestic bound product which has an ever increasing content of smaller sized fruit. Values are now being impacted.

Larger fruit whilst still holding good value are being effected with pricing on sizes 18 to 20 dropping back to $22.00 to $24.00 at CSD level. There is little change in size 24 pricing which is maintaining at the same level as per our last report – $20.00 to $24.00 CSD.

In the smaller size range size 28 is holding between $18.00 – $21.00 CSD but 32’s have dropped back to $11.00 to $13.00 CSD level.

The 32’s are under significant pressure and we have heavy promotional activity underway week on week.

Here’s looking toward a successful 2021 and we will be doing our best to extract the best returns possible for you.

Best regards,

Glen and team.