Week 34

It may be stating the obvious but we live in challenging times.

The last ten days have seen a roller-coaster ride with strong retail activity followed by rapidly receding demand. The initial lock-down panic buying has now passed with the market currently somewhat in the doldrums with minimal consumer demand. We are closely monitoring sales trends and preparing for the inevitable uplift.

These changing consumer buying patterns make for complications in our planning and ripening programmes. We are probably lucky that we are in the early stages of export and pack-out levels are high. That has meant some steadiness of volumes into the domestic market. Our stock position currently is excellent and ripening is being managed accordingly. Careful emphasis is being placed on delivering fruit that is ripened and edible – green fruit combined with slow sales is a situation that we can do without.

At this stage pricing has remained stable and consistent. Coolstore-door returns are positioned in the $25.00 to $28.00 range for Class 2 sizes 28’s through 16’s. With limited domestic grade packing recorded last week we shouldn’t see any sudden changes in values heading into next week. We will keep you informed on any changes.


Size 16/18

Size 20

Size 24

Size 28

$25.00 – $28.00

$25.00 – $28.00

$25.00 – $28.00

$25.00 – $28.00


Best regards

Glen and team