Week 32-33

With a number of very stable weeks behind us, it now appears that the export lift in packing is kicking off. NZ Avocado tray volume last week indicated a lift in local market packing activity. Whilst the volume isn’t that significant, it has already initiated a slight adjustment to quoted prices.


I would suggest that value adjustment is more to do with continued poor marketing and price discounting rather than over-supply.


As we project forward, we note that Zeafruit has a reasonable volume of local market packing underway. This packing is primarily parcels of fruit specifically destined for the domestic market. However, packing specifically aimed at the local market will decline over the coming months as export activity lifts. Hopefully some better weather allows a little bit more consistency of supply.


The New Zealand market has already consumed over 500,000 trays thus far this season and we are still in August! Based off seasonal volume forecasting, this figure would suggest that at some point we are likely to face supply shortages. If pack-outs for export are high that situation may well be sooner, not later.


Current pricing has been pushed back just a little and we will continue to monitor and discuss with those currently harvesting. Values overall however remain solid in sizes 16 to 30 – small fruit volumes are increasing significantly and are impacting the wholesale market where values have reduced.





$23.00 to $24.00


$23.00 to $24.00


$20.00 to $22.00




Pricing is for the current sales period. Prices may not always accurately reflect your returns as stock may be held over pending sale or as the market dictates. Where no price is recorded, sales have not been made in the report period. Prices are subject to change based on daily market conditions. Packing/packaging should be deducted from these prices.