After a month of stable and steady trading with limited packing activity we have seen a significant pulse in fruit volume over the last two weeks.

Industry tray numbers of 60,000 and 51,000 over two consecutive weeks is a clear indication that early harvest is happening and in some volume. Much of this fruit has found its way onto wholesale market floors and pricing as a result, is reducing. Much of this fruit is in the medium and small sizes.

Fortunately the ongoing promotional activity planned from week commencing 17 June has allowed our fruit to flow smoothly. Retail price points have reduced from the previous high levels and consumer uptake has been excellent.

Needless to say that once again we have issues with green fruit entering certain retail sectors; the logic of this from both the store buyer and the marketer is bordering on stupid. Fortunately most of our retail programme customers understand the value of ripened fruit and the subsequent repeat purchase this ripened fruit offers.

As we look ahead to the next ten days, values will continue to level out, although the coolstore door returns on offer are still solid. We note continuing pressure on large sizes as retail price-points are tight and trying to hold values in line with medium and small size fruit isn’t possible.

Our retail partners are working with us to ensure that we can move our large size stock and this support is critical to ensure a positive overall outcome.


Tray Price