Week 24

After an initial period of relative stability, it looks as if we have reached a point whereby the next round of maturity clearances has begun. Several Mid and Far North orchards are in the process or about to start harvest alongside current Bay of Plenty activity – covering most New Zealand marketers. Our challenge going forward, will be managing sustainable fruit flow into the market – by the vigour shown to date there is considerable interest in getting things happening on orchards and we need to sound a warning accordingly. It is known that the New Zealand market is an early market option, but it is not a market that can take unplanned and excessive volume – harvest needs to be planned out and managed with care. Values are already under pressure and with a longer main season ripening timeframe, having fruit harvested will not mean instant market access – the timeframe between packing and fruit sale will be close to ten days.

We will be as open and transparent as we can when forecasting values so growers can make harvest decisions with as much information as possible, but we would ask that you discuss bin volumes and harvest flow with Steven well in advance of harvest.

We will update pricing early next week.

Best Regards