Week 13

As March comes to an end and we move into April the avocado market feels a bit like the weather this week – generally fine but a bit dreary. You may question that description but that is what we are seeing in our retail environment currently – trading appears to be steady but not at all buoyant. We are also seeing clear connection between values that consumers are happy to engage with creating good demand versus price points that are turning consumers away and slowing down fruit movement. Whilst date age and maturity are in good form we are at the end of the season and fruit needs to continue to trade through the system to maximise late season returns. To ensure we continue to see good fruit flow we have revised our per tray values in some sizes, mainly in the larger 16 to 30 group. The adjustment is not significant but is a timely reminder to us all that we need to be constantly aware of trading conditions and what other competing lines are doing.

Coolstore door values are still extremely positive. It remains uncertain as to what the next six weeks will look like, however it does seem clear that there will be fruit in steady supply for the bulk of April.

Steven will keep all late season supply partners updated with changes as they happen.



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